3D CAD Software for Scaffolding: What Are the Benefits?

August 11, 2022
3D CAD Software for Scaffolding: What Are the Benefits?

3D CAD software is extremely useful for Scaffolding Project Design, because it allows users to quickly generate an accurate representation of planned scaffold structures before they are built. 

This can help us to streamline the construction process, visualise  – and produce more efficient designs. Working within a virtual three-dimensional space can provide greater insight into the challenges that may be encountered during the construction process. These potential issues may not be immediately apparent when working with traditional two-dimensional drawings. 

Here at Check-it Scaffolding, we use the industry-acclaimed SMART Scaffolder software to model scaffolding structures for clients before they are erected. In this month’s article, we will discuss the various benefits using CAD software can provide for scaffolding and construction applications:


Easier to Visualise 


3D CAD software can help to create a more realistic visual representation of the scaffold, which can be helpful for understanding the design and for communicating the design to others. The software’s virtual camera can be moved anywhere around the modelled structure, making it easier for clients and stakeholders to understand how the scaffolding will fit into the construction or renovation plans. With SMART Scaffolder’s BIM Toolbox tool, we can import a full site plan – and trace it to produce an exceptionally accurate scaffold design. 


Fast Turnaround


Thanks to recent leaps in computer processing power, today’s CAD software is faster and more capable than ever before. We can use software such as SMART Scaffolder to build complex and accurate models of scaffolds in a matter of minutes. In contrast, producing traditional drawings of these structures would require many hours’ work.

What’s more, designing an optimal scaffold structure will often involve some degree of trial and error. With CAD software, we are quickly able to change settings and variables and review the results instantaneously. Again, this process can be substantially more time-consuming when working with traditional 2D plans. 




Our Estimating Team regularly uses SMART Scaffolder to model scaffolds for a wide array of applications, including housing, chimney stacks, roof edge protection, internal and external scaffolds, cantilever fan protection, rubbish chutes – and much more!

The software supports all leading brands of system scaffolding, such as Layher, HAKI, Kwikstage, Plettac Metrix and many others – in addition to US-style ‘frames’. Tube and fitting scaffolding designs are also fully supported. So, whatever the project brief, we can quickly produce an accurate model of the proposed structure. Once models are produced, they can be exported to a host of formats, including print or electronic PDFs.


Fast and Accurate Estimates


One of the most useful features of 3D CAD software such as SMART Scaffolder is the ability to generate accurate estimates for the materials needed to build. After modelling a structure, the software automatically reports the quantities for each material used. From these insights, we are able to quickly produce accurate loading lists, pricing reports and cost-efficient quotations for our clients.


Fully Compliant with Regulations


Finally, software such as SMART Scaffolder is developed with the needs of modern scaffolders in mind. As such, it is easier to design structures that are fully compliant with NASC Guidelines, including SG4:15 and TG:20. In short, with the help of CAD software, we can ensure that proposed scaffold structures will be safe and meet any relevant regulations before they are built.


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