Case Study: New Forth Road Bridge Scaffolding

November 25, 2019

Here at Check-It Scaffolding, we are specialists when it comes to providing infrastructure scaffolding difficult to reach or high-risk areas. Our scaffold erectors in Stirlingshire were able to provide hard-wearing scaffolding to facilitate safe and effective working over water. As part of a joint venture, we were asked to provide scaffolding to a new Forth Road Bridge crossing to be constructed. If you’re looking for specialist scaffolding in Stirlingshire to facilitate any kind of construction or maintenance project, get in touch with Check-It Scaffold Services Ltd.

Whether you’re looking for experienced scaffold erectors to allow you to work over water, or in any kind of difficult or potentially hazardous environment, we are here for you. For more information, don’t hesitate to call Check-It Scaffold Services today.

Work Over Water, With Check-IT Scaffold Services Ltd

Working as part of a joint venture, we were asked to provide a variety of scaffold structures to facilitate the construction of a new Forth Road Bridge crossing in Stirlingshire. We provided scaffolding in Coffer Damns and Caissons whilst constructing foundations and piers across the Forth. Our reliable scaffolding allowed the construction team to create a new bridge crossing across the river Forth.

Whatever the complications of your project, our experienced scaffold erectors are here for you. We can provide a complete range of scaffold services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for specialist scaffolding, including access towers, working platforms and birdcage scaffolding, we are her for you.

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Here at Check-It Scaffold Services, we’re able to provide a complete range of scaffolding services in Central Scotland. Whether you’re looking for health-and-safety focused scaffolding, or reliable birdcage scaffolding to suit your needs, get in touch with Check-It’s experienced team today.

Custom scaffolding can be designed to meet the needs of each project by Check-It Scaffold Services. With our experience as a leading scaffolding company, we are able to provide scaffolding almost anywhere. We cover a number of areas, including:

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