Coronavirus – COVID-19


Check It Scaffold Services Ltd is now full open for business (updated 8th June 2020) 

The NASC Guidance for Scaffolding Operations document is attached below and has been produced to ensure compliance with the World Health Organisation and UK Government health advice. Sites need to comply with the Site Operating Procedures (SOP) during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic as the health and safety requirements of any construction activity must not be compromised at this time. NASC_Covid19_issue_2[4]


We have worked hard to ensure that all our staff are fully up to date with all requirement, we ask if you can kindly assist us on site during this time as well to keep everyone safe.

If you require to get in touch with us regarding any projects please do so emailing:

Phone lines open @ 01355 266 176

Wishing everyone our best wishes and good health,