Price increases for steel and timber are forecast to be significant

March 14, 2022
Price increases for steel and timber are forecast to be significant

With the increasing costs of timber and steel, it is more important than ever for construction professionals to be aware. 

The recent increase in timber and steel prices has caused concern for construction firms. The CLC points out that this will lead to an increased cost of building materials, which could affect your bottom line if you’re not careful!

According to a recent statement by the CLC, the main reasons for price inflation are shortages of raw materials, increases in energy, transportation costs, and rising labour costs. However, it is also probable that the conflict in Ukraine will have a significant effect on the steel industry, particularly when it comes to the supply of raw materials.

Earlier this week, executives from the NASC and other trade associations met to discuss the crisis. Several members reported that steel and timber prices will ‘rise significantly’ due to direct or indirect links that Russia has with the production of certain products.

These warnings are also echoed by PBC Today and could pose a real risk to the scaffolding industry. With steel and timber being the major components of any scaffolding project. 

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