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SMART Scaffolder

For all our design needs when preparing your estimate we utilise the most up to date computer software SMART Scaffolder.  This is the easiest and most professional way to create professional 3D modelling of various types of scaffold all fully compliant to NASC Guidelines including SG4:15 and TG: 20.

This CAD software helps us to estimate quantities quickly and easily. We can build a model of even a complicated scaffold in minutes, with the quantities of materials reported automatically. This enables us to create accurate loading lists and detailed pricing reports to ensure the most efficient and cost effective quotations possible.

Our design software supports all leading brands of system scaffolding including Cuplok, Layher, HAKI, Kwikstage, Plettac Metrix, Turner OCTO and US style ‘Frames’. Whilst, also fully supporting tube and fitting scaffold designs.

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    Professional Scaffold Design

    The BIM Toolbox within this programme allows us to import an entire site plan and quickly trace it for an accurate scaffold design.

    Our state of the art software enables our Estimating Team to model scaffolds for Housing, Chimney stack scaffolds, Roof edge protection, Independent scaffolds, External as well as internal scaffolds, Cantilever fan protection scaffolds, Tank/silo scaffolds and many others. Additional items such as brick guards, sheeting, hop-up brackets, cantilever fans, rubbish chutes, netting, aluminium beams and other additional items can all be included.

    We can automatically create professional construction drawings that can be printed or exported to electronic PDF documents. We can even include the easy-to-understand 3D drawings with the technical drawings used on site!