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Commercial scaffolding can be a difficult service to arrange, especially when you don’t have experience with different providers to compare levels of service. How do you know who to trust with what is undoubtedly a very important service? With so much at risk in terms of health and safety, you want to be using a scaffolding company that provides nothing but a high-quality service. Word of mouth is something a lot of people rely on, but that isn’t always the best way to find a good service provider.

Time spent in the industry is usually the biggest indicator of a worthy & trustable company. Companies that carry themselves with their high-quality service are the ones that people come back to.

Looking for commercial scaffolding for a large scale project of yours? Your search is over! Check It Group have been When it comes to commercial scaffolding we have decades of experience, which we utilise to ensure that each job we carry out is treated with the same amount of expertise & professionalism. From shopping centres, restaurants, retail premises to government buildings and schools, our commercial scaffolding service is perfect for any commercial scale construction you may be working on.

Our scaffolding solutions are designed to suit the client, meaning you receive the perfect scaffolding service for your needs. This also means you aren’t paying for anything that you don’t need, making it a cost-effective scaffolding solution for commercial clients!

Scaffolding Linlithgow

Our scaffolding is manufactured & erected following the strictest health & safety standards making sure we’re adhering to every regulation there is. Our commitment and record to Health, Safety and the environment, with Children and the general public present, makes us the ideal choice.

Whether you’re looking for standard scaffolding or bespoke scaffolding design, call the Check It team today. We can erect simple scaffolding to allow for quick and easy external access to any property, or a stable platform to allow for working at height. Whatever kind of specific requirements of your Dunfermline project, call Check It’s scaffolders today!

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Scaffolding Hire For Commercial Projects

Scaffolding is usually used for construction as it allows labourers to access parts of a building that would normally be impossible to reach. Check It is a trusted scaffolding provider in Linlithgow. We’ve helped & worked with thousands of commercial developments across the UK, helping companies of all shapes and sizes.

Before we erect your scaffolding, we make sure to survey your building, evaluating the specific requirements so that we can better tailor our service to your specific needs. We have appropriate facilities to deal with large-scale scaffolding so we’re able to accommodate any scale of project. From commercial to industrial, Check It is able to help you!

Scaffolding For Refurbishment Projects

When it comes to refurbishing buildings, scaffolding almost comes hand in hand as it’s a necessary service. Scaffolding allows access to areas you would never be able to work on, making it a vital part of your refurbishment. Check It Scaffolding provide professional scaffolding design & supply for restoration projects of all types. Care & caution needs to be taken when you’re restoring a building, which is exactly what we’re providing with our service. We make sure we’re paying attention to every detail, making sure the building can be restored to its former glory, in a safe environment.

Our workers are professionally trained to provide specialist scaffolding for the restoration of a wide variety of buildings. We’ve worked with Historic Linlithgow listed buildings, schools, government buildings, public thoroughfares and city centre refurbishments, giving you a small idea of some of the areas that we have provided safe & cost effective scaffolding for.

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What Makes Check It Scaffold Services Different

It’s one thing for a company that you’re not aware of to state that their service is the best. It’s another for a company to find attributes about their service that are truly different from others in the industry. We know that we’re leading professionals in the scaffolding sector & have no trouble in telling you why:


Transparency might be an odd item to put on the list but we’re confident that transparency with customers is a big enough factor for our customers to make a difference. Transparency seems to be lacking n the industry, with providers not informing their clients about the specific details of their service, often hiding errors or delays with ambiguity & dishonesty. Our scaffolding service has always been built on a premise of absolute transparency & trust, which ensures that our service is fully transparent from start to finish. We don’t hide behind hidden costs, quotes or figures that end up overcharging the customer since we are fully transparent with what our service consists of and where the funds are being used. From design to erection, our team ensure that you are informed every step of the way.


Scheduling is, of course, a very important attribute since it’s rare that a construction/refurbishment/civil engineering project won’t be under a deadline/time restrictions. Whether you’re working on a project now or planning for one in the future, scheduling is vital for those that are looking to plan an efficient work site in order to minimise delays & errors. It’s often the case that a scaffolding provider will end up delaying days of work because of a hiccup in the delivery date etc. which just highlights poor scheduling & overall management. Working with a provider that doesn’t work on or prioritise scheduling can & most likely result in a poorly managed scaffolding strategy which will result in delays.


At Check It Scaffold Services, we understand the difficulties that delays can bring to a workforce/construction site which is why our team ensure that measures are put into place to ensure that efficiency with our service never drops below our standards. Regardless of what site or job we’re working with, we want to ensure the punctual scheduling for delivery, installation & collection of your scaffolding. We know the stress of deadlines when it comes to an industrial site, so we’re focused on delivering a service that you can rely on.

Professional Industrial Scaffolding

In our experience, most construction companies, maintenance teams and individual builders will have suffered due to ineffective scaffolding. This could be due to poor scaffolding causing health and safety hazards, or delays to the scaffold erection causing delays to the entire project.

Check It Scaffold Services can provide a complete, trustworthy service to suit your needs. From the initial planning phase, to delivery, erection and collection, we will provide an unbeatable service. You, your employees and passers-by will never be put in danger due to ineffective scaffolding. Thanks to our professional, on-time delivery, erection and collection, you’ll never be forced to delay your project thanks to your scaffolding.

Residential & Domestic Development Scaffolding!

Regardless of the size of your scaffolding, we’re able to help you with our residential scaffolding. From huge domestic developments to small-scale projects, we’re still able to provide a cost-effective service that you’ll be able to trust! Once we talk about your requirements, we’ll be able to use 3D modelling software to draft up the best scaffolding solution, providing exactly what you need. Scaffolding has been our bread and butter for the past 20 years, providing scaffolding in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Linlithgow with an exemplary health and safety record.

If you are interested in commercial scaffolding and are looking to find a supplier then Check It Group are the company for you. We’ve worked with thousands of companies in the past 20 years, building a strong reputation with our clients & the industry in Linlithgow. Speak to our team today & enquire about your scaffolding your requirements!

What Other Areas Do You Cover

The fact that Check-It provides scaffolding services tailored to clients’ specifications sets us apart from our competitors in Scotland. Regardless of the scope or size of a project, we provide domestic and commercial scaffolding in Linlithgow. We provide comprehensive scaffolding services across central Scotland, drawing upon our extensive experience in scaffolding erection.

We cover a wide area but the following are some areas we serve on a regular basis:

We can provide you with an effective and timely scaffolding service regardless of the scope of your needs. We will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please call 01355 226 176.

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