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Shrink Wrap Scaffolding Glasgow

Shrink wrap for scaffolding in Glasgow is a process where heavy-duty plastic is used to cover and protect scaffolding. This is often done during bad weather conditions, such as high winds, to make sure that the scaffolding remains secure.

Adding shrink wrap to your scaffolding will keep the construction site clean by containing any dust and debris within the sealed area. It will also help to protect the structure from moisture, preventing avoidable damage.

Here at Check It Scaffolding, our team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver your shrink wrap scaffolding in Glasgow or anywhere in Scotland. We have many years of experience in delivering quality scaffolding services to our clients – and are also highly adept at providing shrink wrap and building encapsulation solutions.

Our team of experts will be on hand to provide you with a free quotation – simply get in touch on 01355 266 176. We will be more than happy to discuss your shrink wrap scaffolding requirements and provide you with a competitive quote.

What Projects Are Suitable for Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap scaffolding in Glasgow can provide an ideal solution for a wide range of construction and industrial projects. At Check It Scaffolding, we have experience working on all types of projects, from small domestic jobs to large-scale commercial ventures.

We regularly provide shrink wrapping and full building encapsulation for projects involving public buildings, railways, bridges and more besides. In each case, we work closely with the client to ensure that the shrink wrap scaffolding provides the required level of protection and support.

If you are planning a construction or industrial project, why not reach out to our team to discuss whether shrink wrap scaffolding would be beneficial? We will be happy to provide a free consultation and quotation.

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How is Encapsulation with Shrink Wrap Achieved?

Here is a quick explainer of the shrink wrapping process. Firstly, our team will hang the shrink wrap around the side of the elevations of scaffoldings. Next, we will stretch the shrink wrap and adjust it so that it follows the perimeter of the building or containment area – and then weld it back on itself, providing a lower anchor point.

Finally, when the main part of the structure or containment area has been covered, we will create the seal.

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      What are the Benefits of Shrink Wrap Scaffolding?

      Here are just some of the benefits our shrink wrap for scaffolding in Glasgow can provide:

      • Shrink wrap is an excellent way of protecting scaffolding and ensuring it has a neat and professional appearance. Not only does this give the scaffolding a longer lifespan, it also makes it more durable and resistant to damage.

      • Shrink wrap is also an effective way of keeping debris and dust off the scaffolding. This can help to prevent accidents on site, as well as minimising the need for scaffolding repairs.


      • Our shrink wrapping is waterproof and fire retardant, helping to contain and mitigate fire hazards


      • Shrink wrapping can be used to create a barrier between the scaffolding and the public. This can help to reduce the risk of injury, as well as helping to prevent theft and vandalism outside of working hours.


      • Finally, shrink wrapping for scaffolding in Glasgow is particularly useful for projects involving painting and shot blasting, as it helps to prevent dust and other potentially harmful contaminants from being blown away from the working area. As such, having shrink wrap scaffolding installed can also help to reduce the time spent clearing up at the end of each day.

      Shrink Wrapping vs Traditional Scaffolding Encasement

      Shrink wrapping is an alternative to traditional wood or metal encasement scaffolding that offers several advantages in terms of safety and cost-effectiveness.

      It provides a greater level of protection against inclement weather conditions and can be adapted to structures of any shape or size. It is also a very strong and sturdy material that will provide good support for workers.

      Risks associated with working on swing stages in wet and windy conditions are also reduced with the use of shrink wrap scaffolding. The stability of the work platform is also increased by the fact that the scaffolding is less likely to be blown over in high winds.

      Due to the superior protection against the elements and inclement weather, our shrink wrap for scaffolding can also help to save project spend by avoiding delays.

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