SMART Scaffolder – 3D Scaffolding Design

August 14, 2018
SMART Scaffolder – 3D Scaffolding Design

SMART Scaffolder – Check It Scaffold Services

When it comes to adopting new technologies, Check It has always been on the cutting edge of such progression as the only way to push refinement is by adopting new things. 3D modelling has been huge for the construction industry, with smart technology pushing the way we model & simulate things so that we don’t make mistakes when building things for real. Whether it be scaffolding or construction, 3D modelling has been an invaluable tool to the industry, which is why we’ve integrated it into our service in every step of the way.

From initial surveying to creating a design, SMART Scaffolder allows us to create detailed 3D models giving us an in-depth look at what the final product may look like. It also allows us to see if there are any shortcomings with the original design, refining or changing anything that may need looking at. The 3D modelling software we use, otherwise known as CAD (Computer Aided Design) allows us to quickly estimate quantities quickly and easily. We can build a model of even a complicated scaffold in minutes, with the quantities of materials reported automatically. This enables us to create accurate loading lists and detailed pricing reports to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective quotations possible.

We are only one of few companies that adopt such modern technology whilst using it with our scaffolding design. We invest in the future by making sure that we’re adopting any technologies that will make our service quicker, more affordable, more efficient and safer. We put a lot of focus on making sure our scaffolding is safe, and by modelling & designing our scaffolding, we can make sure we’re putting the appropriate safety measures in place.

We have always strived to further refine our services, as we want to pass any time/money savings that we gain onto our clients. If we’re able to employ & adopt new technology that allows us to pass those savings onto our customers. We want to be as transparent to our customers as we possibly can, making they’re informed with every step of the process.

What is SMART Scaffolder?

SMART Scaffolder is a commercial software platform that allows us to 3D model scaffolding designs so that we’re able to digitally simulate how scaffolding will work with a chosen building. Either the dimensions or an actual floor plan of your building is inputted into the system and data calculates and designs scaffolding to your exact specifications!

3D modelling software is the easiest & most professional way to create professional 3D modelling of various types of scaffold all fully compliant to NASC Guidelines including SG4:15 and TG: 20. Our design software supports all leading brands of system scaffolding including Cuplok, Layher, HAKI, Kwikstage, Plettac Metrix, Turner OCTO and US-style ‘Frames’. Whilst, also fully supporting tube and fitting scaffold designs.

The BIM Toolbox within this programme allows us to import an entire site plan and quickly trace it for an accurate scaffold design.

Our state of the art software enables our Estimating Team to model scaffolds for Housing, Chimney stack scaffolds, Roof edge protection, Independent scaffolds, External as well as internal scaffolds, Cantilever fan protection scaffolds, Tank/silo scaffolds and many others. Additional items such as brick guards, sheeting, hop-up brackets, cantilever fans, rubbish chutes, netting, aluminium beams and other additional items can all be included.

We can automatically create professional construction drawings that can be printed or exported to electronic PDF documents. We can even include the easy-to-understand 3D drawings with the technical drawings used on site!

If you’re looking for a professional scaffold designer then enquire with our team. If you are thinking about scaffolding, give our team a call today and speak to one of our advisers. We’ll take a look at your requirements and make sure we’re able to accommodate your needs. Our service is exemplary and we also strive toward perfection in everything we do. Call us on 01355 266176

Scaffolding that is tailored to the needs of each location can be provided by Check-It. Below is a list of some of the areas we service regularly:

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