The Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Scaffolding

January 3, 2023
The Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Scaffolding

The complexity of the structure required from the scaffolding contractors due to the increased level of danger in commercial projects is the primary distinction between commercial and home scaffolding. Due to the typical height of commercial premises, the scaffolding must be more rigid and well-balanced. This is done to protect the workers’ safety because falling from a height carries far more serious risks. Domestic scaffolding, on the other hand, is often utilised in smaller houses where the potential of such fatal occurrences is lower.

What Is Commercial Scaffolding?


Commercial scaffolding is used to finish building and maintenance work in hard-to-reach places that demand additional safety precautions than ladders. Window upkeep, plumbing, chimney work, and even waterproofing are examples of these repairs.

For huge buildings like skyscrapers, corporate offices, and hospitals, commercial scaffolding is suitable. These kinds of facilities are typically much taller than residential properties, thus they need scaffolding builders that can accommodate the added height and safety standards.

Depending on the scope of the project, it may also be essential to use internal scaffolding to perform work inside the structure in places that cannot be accessed without the assistance of additional scaffolding.

What Is Domestic Scaffolding?


For jobs like external painting and roof repairs, domestic scaffolding is utilised during construction on smaller, residential properties like houses and apartments. Scaffolding contractors are still necessary for home building and maintenance, although for smaller projects, to guarantee competent safety and stability for the construction personnel.

Smaller houses can also benefit from domestic scaffolding because it speeds up construction because workers can safely access all project areas and don’t have to concentrate on staying balanced while working on a ladder.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Scaffolding


When working on a domestic project, the scaffolding could be in use for many months so it is important to choose the correct scaffolding erectors for each project. The structure needs to be durable enough to withstand varied weather conditions and the daily use of your workers. Furthermore, you want the scaffolding structure to be as safe and secure as possible for the shape and size of the particular project you are working on, as this will improve efficiency. 

The Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Scaffolding