Why Is Scaffolding Important in Construction?

April 22, 2022
Why Is Scaffolding Important in Construction?

Any maintenance or construction project begins with the installation of scaffolding. It is a temporary structure that provides elevation, support, and allows employees to move items while carrying out their duties, which may include, but are not limited to, repairs and cleaning. Above all, scaffolding is set up before construction begins to guarantee worker safety while the building is being repaired or constructed. In addition to that, it also lends some support to the standing structure.

Scaffolding in Construction Projects 

When out and about during the day, it is highly likely you will see scaffolding at some point. This is because scaffolding is commonly used in a number of different settings. Whether that is in an industrial setting, on a refurbishment project or in a commercial environment there is no getting away from the fact that scaffolding is an integral part of everyday life. However, for the purpose of this blog, we thought we would take a look at 5 examples of why scaffolding is such a valuable element in the world of construction. 


Ease Of Access 

The construction industry often requires all different types of trades to work at heights, which in many cases can be quite challenging. It is virtually impossible to work at height safely without the use of scaffolding. Scaffolding eliminates many of the risks associated with accessing and working at heights, by making it easier for workers to reach those areas and work safely once there.


Helps Provide Support

Along with providing easy access scaffolding aids tradesmen by providing a stable and secure working environment. This is because it provides them with a firm surface on which to work. That stable surface ensures that workers can carry out any task quickly and efficiently.


Helps with Health and Safety

Because of the nature of the work undertaken, the construction industry tends to have a higher rate of accidents than most other sectors. One of the causes of this is that construction workers are often less aware of the rules around health and safety. When they work at height construction workers have the right to be provided with secure and reliable safety systems. Scaffolding of high quality provides this, allowing workers to maintain good balance, while handrails offer additional safety by preventing falls.


Balance and Positioning

Another point to make is that, unlike ladders, scaffolding allows you to operate comfortably and accurately in awkward spaces while also providing access to hard-to-reach places. You may operate immediately in front of the area you need to be working in without worrying about instability or security thanks to scaffolding’s good, precise positioning.


Can be Used at Any Time of the Year 

Scaffolding is designed and constructed in such a way that it can be utilised all year round. Due to being made from durable materials, it can withstand even the most inclement weather conditions. Irrespective of whether you are experiencing heavy rain or even snow scaffolding will remain perfectly serviceable allowing workers to continue to work safely.

So, as you can see scaffolding has become an integral part of many construction projects, whether that is a Refurbishment Project or a Commercial Development. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for Scaffolding in Edinburgh or elsewhere throughout Scotland.